Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser


You're sitting around your computer and you feel a tickle in your throat. Soon that tickle turns into a cough. Days later you're hacking up more mucuous than you've ever hacked up before.

All that could've been prevented with a little humidification.

You see, with this humidifying essential oil diffuser, you can moisturize the air around you, which (according to the manufacturer) can help prevent influenza, remove static electricity, help your skin be less dry, and even reduce FORMALDEHYDE. Yeah that's right. So if you're in the business of splashing formaldehyde everywhere, this little humidifier will be your best friend.

But add essential oils into the mix, and you get a whole lot of health benefits. For example, certain oils can relax or energize you (depending on the oil), and others can even help you breathe better.

It all sounds a little woo-woo until you get your first inhale. 

So why not give it a shot? 

(Essential oils sold separately).

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