Sweettreats Cap Kit, Bottles stand


The revolutionary cap system makes getting the last of those stubborn, thick liquids out of your bottles fast, easy and fun. No more struggling, shaking, or pounding; get every drop you paid for! bottle threads used around the world come primarily in four sizes and the Flip-It! cap kit has them all. The 38mm Purple base cap is the foundation of the system. It provides both support and dispensing of the product, via an easy to use push/pull valve. In order to handle bottles in the three other sizes, the system features color-coded adapters that screw into the base caps to reduce the opening to 33, 28 or 24mm-sizes you'll find all over your house and office. When the pump quits or it's just starting to take too long to get your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, syrup, condiments or any other thick product out of your bottles, simply remove the cap or malfunctioning pump, attach the Flip-It! and you're in business saving time, money and frustration. The Flip-It! cap kit has 6 base caps and 6 adapters, covering the range of sizes from 24 to 38mm plus one full and one spare set of reusable gaskets and a handy storage mesh bag.

  • Easily store bottles upside-down, so you can get the last drop of product
  • Fits almost any screw top bottle, worldwide
  • Washable and reusable
  • Get every drop you paid for without struggling
  • Simple push pull Valve to dispense
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